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BMW Leasing



BMW Leasing

BMW stands as one of the world’s most esteemed manufacturers, renowned for an extensive range that includes some of the UK’s most coveted luxury vehicles.

Opting for a BMW Lease through Select Car Leasing presents an exceptional opportunity to enjoy your dream car at an affordable rate.

With one of the most iconic badges in motoring history, BMW traces its origins back to 1916 in Bavaria, Germany, and since then, it has consistently delivered some of the most captivating vehicles of the modern era.

The legacy of success endures. BMW claimed numerous accolades at the 2021 What Car? Awards, with wins for models like the BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, and 5 Series saloons, along with the BMW X5 and X6 SUVs.

There truly is a BMW to fit various budgets, whether you’re seeking a vehicle for personal contract hire or business lease.

Compact models such as the 1 Series Hatchback and 2 Series Coupe exude refinement and style, while enthusiasts can revel in the exhilarating performance of BMW's acclaimed models like the popular M3 saloon or the astonishing M8 Competition Gran Coupe. 

For those prioritizing running costs or aiming to minimize their Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax bill, BMW offers a range of electrified options. Plug-in hybrids like the 3-Series ‘330e’ estate provide a blend of efficiency and performance. Additionally, BMW's cutting-edge all-electric variants, including the i3, i4, i5, i7 and the recently-launched iX, iX3  SUV’s, represent the pinnacle of electric innovation within the BMW lineup.

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