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What is a lease



Over the years this is probably the most asked question that I have had to answer! 
It can be explained much easier if you break it down into the different types of leases that are available to both Companies and Private individuals.

A Business Lease, also known as Business Contract Hire. 

Business Contract Hire is a cost effective, fixed cost, fixed term, rental agreement for Business's. 
All contract hire agreements include road fund licence for the duration of the agreement and as an option you can add full maintenance and a relief vehicle.( seee our section on Full maintenance) 
It is possible to contract hire a vehicle from 24 upto 60 months with an annual mileage as low as 5,000 miles per annum or a maximum mileage of 150,000 for the lengh of the contract for diesel vehicles.

What is a Personal Lease? 

We get asked this question time and time again. 
It is very simple really. 
It is a cost effective way for consumers to have the use of a motor vehicle for a set period of time at a pre set cost. 
Personal Contract Hire is the Lease that we would recomend to all our customers, it includes Vehicle Road Tax for the duration of the Lease it does not attract an interset rate and you can have it fully maintained with or without a relief vehicle. 
You can have a Lease over anything from 24 months and upto 60 months with an annual mileage as low as 5,000 miles per annum or upto 150,000 for the lengh of the contract depending on the vehicle.We would advise having the lease over 36 or 48 months which will keep maintenance costs for the vehicle to a minimum.



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